Fame Themes Lowered Prices to Free

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Can’t believe that Fame Themes is offering premium wordpress themes for free. It does cut into my affiliate earnings but maybe they’re on the right track to grab more market share. Anyway, they have some great themes. I’m using the Inspirin theme which is great for blogging.

They also have two great magazine wordpress themes Amzola and Codilight. There’s no reason not to try them out since they’re now free.


Free Responsive Site Templates

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We’re kicking off our ‘Freebie Fridays” with a great HTML5 Template called Type&Grids. It’s totally free and totally awesome. Get it here.

It looks great on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. All of the content resides in a single HTML file, so setting it up is super-simple. Its extensive customization options set Type & Grids apart from other templates out there. The template has 21 type themes and 29 color themes built in, giving you over 500 unique design combinations.

My Favorite WordPress Affiliate Programs

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Times are tough and more and more of my friends are asking me how they can make money online or where can they start to learn how to build websites. In the last 6 years I’ve made a ton of money as I mastered web and graphic design. But that took a lot of late nights and time most people honestly aren’t going to put in. So I tell most friends the easiest no-hassle method is to find a good affiliate program and combine it with a good keyword domain name and simple wordpress blog.

Here’s my advice.

First, I try to answer 4 questions before joining any affiliate program:

  1. Is the product unique?
  2. Is it popular?
  3. Would I or someone I know find it useful?
  4. Are there positive, non-sponsored reviews?

Some of my favorite affiliate programs are wordpress theme sites because they’re useful and you can usually tell pretty easily if they’re popular and unique. It’s also easy to check for reviews in the forums or with a quick google search.

Here’s a list of great WordPress Affiliate Programs that have a 30% or greater payout:

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Best WordPress Crowdfunding Themes

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If Kickstarter has kicked you to the curb, don’t give up hope. These Crowdfunding Themes can let you do your own grassroots fundraising.



Crowdfunding With WordPress

Fundify is the first WordPress theme that lets you create your own crowdfunding website. If you have wanted a site like KickStarter or Indiegogo for your own projects, now you can have one using Fundify, the crowdfunding theme for WordPress.

Raise Money For Things You Care About

Raising money has never been easier. Tell people what you are doing and inspire them to contribute to your campaign. Offer creative rewards and perks for your backers. You can publish your own campaigns or build a community where people can submit campaigns to your site. Submitted campaigns will be “pending” until approved by the site administrator.

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Hickory WordPress Review Theme

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Design trends are constantly changing and it’s critical to adapt at the drop of a hat; stay ahead of the game with Hickory, an incredibly customizable magazine & blog theme designed to meet your every need. Hickory’s clean and highly adaptable form was specifically crafted to appeal to every niche and comes chock-full of premium features. Whatever your magazine or blog needs, Hickory is here to deliver!