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My Favorite WordPress Affiliate Programs

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Times are tough and more and more of my friends are asking me how they can make money online or where can they start to learn how to build websites. In the last 6 years I’ve made a ton of money as I mastered web and graphic design. But that took a lot of late nights and time most people honestly aren’t going to put in. So I tell most friends the easiest no-hassle method is to find a good affiliate program and combine it with a good keyword domain name and simple wordpress blog.

Here’s my advice.

First, I try to answer 4 questions before joining any affiliate program:

  1. Is the product unique?
  2. Is it popular?
  3. Would I or someone I know find it useful?
  4. Are there positive, non-sponsored reviews?

Some of my favorite affiliate programs are wordpress theme sites because they’re useful and you can usually tell pretty easily if they’re popular and unique. It’s also easy to check for reviews in the forums or with a quick google search.

Here’s a list of great WordPress Affiliate Programs that have a 30% or greater payout:

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